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Walkway Ideas

As if landscape design hadn't been breaking new frontiers in recent years in so many inventive ways, here comes the latest: outdoor walkway ideas that promise to dazzle your visitors and set the neighborhood talking. Whether your walkway design is brick, wood, stone, tile, or gravel, it can become a real talking point -- or selling point, if you plan to list your home among Belleville homes for sale.

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Belleville Security

When you have a home that you love, it's important to have security features to keep you and your family safe. 

Our real estate agents know that a few simple changes make a significant difference in the security of your property; these upgrades also make your home appealing to potential buyers. Here are some security upgrades to consider adding to your home. 

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Belleville Walking Trails

Going for a walk or a bike ride is one of the most convenient ways to get exercise. It's also a nice way to enjoy some scenery and get to know the local area. While you can always walk down the sidewalk and explore your neighborhood, there are also some awesome trails in the Belleville area. Our real estate agents recommend strolling or cycling along these trails when you get the chance.

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Gutter Maintenance

Homeowners routinely forget about their gutters when it comes to warm weather maintenance chores. However, there are a number of reasons you should check your gutters each year so that they're in good working order and you avoid potential damage to your roof. If you're listing your home among Belleville homes for sale, you should check out your gutters to ensure they are in good repair. Here's the lowdown on gutter maintenance for the summer.

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DIY projects

If you're planning to add your home to the list of Belleville homes for sale, a few improvements might be needed to encourage buyers to make an attractive offer. And maybe you don't have the money for a major renovation. But don't worry, with a few dollars and a DIY attitude you can take your productivity to the max and knock out a few simple projects that will have a big impact on buyers. Our real estate agents have put together this list of 7 low-cost, high-value DIY improvement projects to get your home in excellent shape before that for sale sign goes up.

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Belleville Pizza

February 9th is National Pizza Day. Didn't know that was a holiday? That's okay! Now you know.

And now that you're aware that this momentous occasion is on the horizon, you can celebrate by ordering a pie from one of these fantastic local pizzerias in the Belleville area. You can bet that's what our real estate agents will be doing on February 9th. 

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Belleville Clean Home

Sure, you worked hard all spring and summer with DIY and cleaning projects, but we bet you overlooked something. Plus, now that the holidays have come and gone, chances are you've let some things slide in your cleaning routine. Be sure to follow these tips for getting your home sparkling clean this winter. Once you're finished, if you need help listing your home or buying a house from Belleville homes for sale, your local real estate agents are ready to help.

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Heating Bill Tips

With winter right around the corner, cold temperatures and harsh winter weather are in the forecast. While it's common for your heating bill to increase due to the frigid winter temperatures, there are things you can do to make your heating costs more affordable. Follow these tips to cool your heating bill this winter. 

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Belleville Tips to Organize Home

Cleaning and organizing your home isn't an easy task, and it can seem especially overwhelming when you have a lot of clutter. Getting rid of stuff you don't need and organizing spots that attract clutter can give you room to breathe and make things a lot easier if you decide to sell your home. Our real estate agents advise clients with Belleville homes for sale to de-clutter as much as possible before putting their property on the market. Here are some often overlooked areas where clutter may hide.  

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Bakeries in BellevilleNational Homemade Bread Day is Tuesday, November 17th, and our real estate agents are ready to order up a fresh loaf from one of our favorite bakeries. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic bakeries throughout the Belleville area. Join in on the celebrations by visiting one of these Belleville bakeries for homemade bread.

  1. Coffee Mill Café – 115 E. Washington St., Millstadt, IL 62260
    Love is brewing at Coffee Mill Café. Next time you're in the area visiting Millstadt homes for sale, swing by Coffee Mill Café for a cup of joe and a freshly baked pastry. Grab your bread fix with a croissant sandwich, biscuits, and gravy, or a delicious panini. If you're looking for a grab and go meal, order up a delicious donut and hot or cold cup of coffee.

  2. The Happy Bakery – 102 W. 6th St., O'Fallon, IL 62269
    If you purchase one of our O'Fallon homes for sale, you'll definitely choose The Happy Bakery for your custom cake needs. While their boutique custom creations brighten up any event, you can also enjoy many of their tasty treats any day of the week. On National Homemade Bread Day, head down to The Happy Bakery and order one of their breakfast or lunch items that are completely free of animal products. Whether you choose a burger or "sammich," you'll love your meal topped with their fresh baked bread and buns.

  3. Lizzie Bob's Bakery – 823 Lincoln Hwy Suite 102, Fairview Heights, IL 62208
    Lizzie and Bob combine their talents for bread and pastry baking at Lizzie Bob's Bakery. If you're new to the area looking at Fairview Heights homes for sale, your neighbors will likely remember Belleville's The Pie Pantry run by Lizzie's aunt in the '70s and '80s. Lizzie continues the family tradition with her amazing pies, custom cakes, and giant cinnamon rolls. Bob's fresh-baked breads and rolls are ready to order and pick up every day. You can even let your dog celebrate National Homemade Bread Day by picking up a few dog sugar-free dog biscuits.

  4. Sweet Katie Bee's – 131 First Street, O'Fallon, IL 62269
    Slow, feel-good food lives at Sweet Katie Bee's in O'Fallon. They believe that food is personal and should nourish the soul as much as the body. Take advantage of National Homemade Bread Day to try a half-dozen cinnamon rolls. They make rolls that are allergy-friendly as well as Keto-diet friendly, allowing those with restrictions to enjoy fresh-baked breads made from scratch. You could also opt to have breakfast or dinner ordered to-go, enjoying fresh avocado toast, biscuits, and gravy, a toasted sandwich, or pretzel bun slider on your way to work.

  5. The Abbey – 5801 W. Main St., Belleville, IL 62226
    New residents of Belleville will love spending time at The Abbey. This espresso bar and café is one of the most comfortable places in town to grab a drink, a bite to eat and enjoy live jazz. Their full-service bakery features fresh 8-grain and rye breads. However, locals will tell you that no stop is complete without sampling their famous handmade Gelato.

Would you love to live close to one of these tasty bakeries? We'd be happy to assist you. Contact us today to schedule a private showing of our Belleville homes for sale.  

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