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Moving Tips

With so much to do after a big move, it's easy to overlook some smaller details. Things you'd never forget normally can slip through the cracks when you're celebrating – and resting up! – after moving into one of the great Belleville homes for sale.

Our REALTORS® strive to make every part of buying a home more comfortable, including the move. Many of our clients have reached out with stories of things they forgot to take care of, so we decided to delve deeper and find out what goes undone the most.

In the chaos of packing and unpacking, important administrative tasks can fall by the wayside. And the further you're moving, the more valuable it is to remember to do those things promptly.

Let's take a closer look at five things people forget to do after they move:

  1. Turn Utilities On (And Off) Before Moving Day
    It may take up to two weeks to have electric and water service turned on at your new home, so contact utilities as soon as moving day is circled on the calendar. At the same time, be sure you notify existing utilities that you will be moving out. Service in your name must cease before new residents can move in and get everything under their own account.

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Belleville Greenhouses

The first day of spring is Tuesday, March 19 – and our REALTORS® are looking forward to it!

At Strano & Associates, we know people have many motivations for buying a home. Some are starting a family, others want to make space for their dogs, but one thing is for sure: Certain things are just more satisfying in your very own home.

Gardening is one of them!

Luckily, these greenhouses will get you off to a wonderful start on spring with gorgeous flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Here are our five favorites:

  1. Terry's Landscaping and Garden Center – 6200 New Missouri Avenue, Centreville IL, 62207
    Terry's Landscaping and Garden Center allows you to get landscaping advice from experts with more than 20 years of experience. The perfect way to bring color and the personal touch to Centreville homes for sale, its fully-stocked nursery and garden center includes all your favorite trees, shrubs, roses, annuals, and perennials.

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