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Walkway Ideas

As if landscape design hadn't been breaking new frontiers in recent years in so many inventive ways, here comes the latest: outdoor walkway ideas that promise to dazzle your visitors and set the neighborhood talking. Whether your walkway design is brick, wood, stone, tile, or gravel, it can become a real talking point -- or selling point, if you plan to list your home among Belleville homes for sale.

Let's take a walk through some of the fabulous outdoor walkway design ideas that might be right for your new home.

  1. Gravel
    Many homeowners choose gravel for their walkways because it's low maintenance. But that's not all; skillfully installed, gravel can look clean and sophisticated. When considering gravel, remember that it comes in many sizes, types, and colors, and not just the well-known river rock. There's lava rock, colored glass, crushed granite, and many more. One popular walkway design is to pair gravel with stone, either by matching or contrasting. 

  2. Brick
    Brick has been used in walkways for centuries. Its warmth and beauty still make it a treasured walkway material, but the good news is that some companies are offering a more durable brick look-alike paver. Whether you opt for the look-alike or the real thing, you can find different colors that will lend themselves to defining interesting patterns, including herringbone, basket-weave, running bond, and stacked bond.

  3. Bark Mulch
    Talk about low maintenance; bark mulch is also about as low-key as you can go, but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful and sophisticated as a walkway material. Mulch comes in different textures and colors, so have fun choosing what sets off your lawn or flower beds. Border it with stones, or not. It will, of course, need to be replenished over the seasons as it breaks down.

  4. Wood
    Wood is a traditional walkway material that offers myriad possibilities for creating intricate or simple designs. You can take the easy road and place recycled wood palettes next to each other, allowing vines and other low-growing plants to twine around them, or a cedar decking boardwalk, ideal for sloping or wet sites. While wood is known for needing maintenance, so it doesn't break down, it's also a lot lighter than concrete or stone and can be relatively inexpensive. However, if you're interested in durability, you might look into a concrete slab wood look-alike.

  5. Stepping Stones
    Concrete stepping stones can add some storybook charm to your secret garden. These stones fit nicely in a natural setting, complementing your plantings and other structures without drawing the eye away from your garden wonders. You can opt for natural stone or low-maintenance concrete slab stone look-alikes.

  6. Textured Walkways
    Textured walkways will inspire some buzz in your neighborhood. These unique surface finishes feel good and look intriguing, with their patterns evoking the beach, the desert, or the dunes. The various textures can also offer guests the benefit of non-slip surfaces.

  7. Stamped Concrete
    Stamped concrete has many looks these days, including a palette of warm, eye-catching colors and novel patterns. Consider your outdoor landscaping when picking a design for this material.

  8. Large Tiles
    Large monochromatic tiles lend themselves to creating a smooth, sleek expanse -- just right for retreating a bit into the background while letting your landscape, your patio furnishings, and other hardscape elements shine in the spotlight. These tiles are perfect for a clean, modern look. 

Our real estate agents have lots of ideas to improve your Belleville home. Contact us today. 

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