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July Gardening

By the time July rolls around, many people believe planting season has come and gone - but the truth is, July can be the perfect time to plant many edibles and herbs from seed. Many cooler weather plants only need about 60 days to fully mature. Since the first frost can be as late as October or early November in Illinois, mid-summer is the right time to be thinking about a second harvest. 

Maintaining a garden is not only a great hobby, but it can also significantly improve the appearance of your outdoor space. For those who are planning to put their home on the market this fall, starting a mid-summer garden can be a great way to make your yard more appealing to potential buyers and compete with other Belleville homes for sale. 

If you're looking to spruce up your yard this summer, below are 5 plants you can easily add to your garden this July: 

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DIY Front Porch Projects

Refreshing the front porch is just one way to brighten up the exterior of your home. And creating a fresh new look right at your front door doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, you can do it all yourself on a budget.

Get started with these suggestions on how to turn the heads of all the neighbors as they walk past your home.

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