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Community Gardens

Belleville homes for sale enjoy the combination of natural beauty, a vibrant local economy, and quality amenities anyone would be happy to have close to home. Our real estate agents know the character of a community is also an important factor, and this is one area where Belleville truly stands out.

Belleville's tradition of community gardens makes it easy for residents to get involved in sustainable urban agriculture with a local focus. Community gardens are managed and maintained by volunteers, with plots available for anyone in the community to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more.

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Walkway Ideas

As if landscape design hadn't been breaking new frontiers in recent years in so many inventive ways, here comes the latest: outdoor walkway ideas that promise to dazzle your visitors and set the neighborhood talking. Whether your walkway design is brick, wood, stone, tile, or gravel, it can become a real talking point -- or selling point, if you plan to list your home among Belleville homes for sale.

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