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Front Yard Tips

You took your time looking at Belleville homes for sale, finally found the right one, and moved in. Now, you're looking at your front yard and thinking it could use a refresh. Sound familiar? You're not alone. Front yards do need a little revitalization from time to time to keep them looking fresh and inviting. Here are some ways you can spruce up your front yard and enhance your home's curb appeal. 

  1. Line Your Walkway With Greenery
    If the walkway to your front door is looking a bit tired, try sprucing it up by planting greenery on either side of it. Daffodils work well for this. They are tall but compact, and they bloom early in the spring when your yard could really use a pop of color. Other plants you can use to line your walkway include marigolds, allium, and daylilies.

  2. Add a Custom House Number
    House numbers can be more than just functional. They can be an attractive addition to your home's facade. Look for companies that offer custom house number plaques. Work with them to design one that coordinates with your home's color scheme and architectural style. Choose a backlit plaque to add character to your home at night.

  3. Build a Water Garden
    Water gardens don't have to be backyard decor. You can have a small one added to your front yard. A small, concrete-lined water feature with a fountain, a few floating plants, and surrounding rocks is pretty easy for a landscaping company to install. You can sit around your water garden in the evening, making your front yard a more usable space.

  4. Place Boxwoods Across the Front
    Boxwoods are a common choice for hedges because they are easy to trim and keep contained. You could plant a row of them across the very front of your yard, creating separation between your yard and the street. Keep them trimmed low enough that you can see over them. 

  5. Mulch Your Garden Beds
    This is an affordable, easy way to change the look of your front yard without majorly overhauling anything. Simply apply new mulch to your garden beds. It's surprising how much different your entire yard will look if you simply change up the mulch color or type. If you have brown mulch, change it to black. If you have pine needle mulch, change to wood. 

  6. Plant a Butterfly Garden
    Add a new flower garden, or replant part of your existing flower garden with butterfly-friendly plants. Before long, your front yard will be full of lovely butterflies. Key butterfly-friendly plants to include are milkweed, butterfly bushes, allium, Russian sage, and hydrangeas. Include a little water bath for the butterflies to use, too.

  7. Replace Your Front Door
    Is your front door starting to chip? Does it wiggle in the frame, or are you having trouble closing it? Replacing it won't just make your whole home more secure. It will also change the look of your front yard. Choose a new front door in a color that contrasts the rest of your home. For instance, if your home has tan siding, a navy blue front door would work well.

  8. Plant Crabapples
    Crabapples are perfect trees to add to your front yard. They have lovely white or pink blooms, and they stay compact in size. Plant one on either side of your home or along the street.

With these ideas, you can transform your front yard in just one weekend. If you're still looking for the perfect house to call home, contact us soon. Our real estate agents can guide you through the process. 

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