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Community Gardens

Belleville homes for sale enjoy the combination of natural beauty, a vibrant local economy, and quality amenities anyone would be happy to have close to home. Our real estate agents know the character of a community is also an important factor, and this is one area where Belleville truly stands out.

Belleville's tradition of community gardens makes it easy for residents to get involved in sustainable urban agriculture with a local focus. Community gardens are managed and maintained by volunteers, with plots available for anyone in the community to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more.

The community garden movement is growing across the nation as people seek to reconnect with the environment and create alternatives to expensive foods that may travel thousands of miles. Here in Illinois, the Belleville area and its surroundings offer you many ways to get involved.

Adults and kids alike will enjoy the opportunities to learn as they grow!

Let's visit some of the area's best-known community gardens and see what they have to offer:

  • Belleville Heart Garden – 806 South High Street, Belleville, IL 62220
    Belleville Heart Garden is a haven for native plants and sustainable gardening. Locals of all ages and backgrounds can visit the garden to learn more or participate in beautifying the urban landscape by weeding, mulching, harvesting, relocating, and more. The organization has been responsible for the planting of hundreds of flowers and fruit trees, and it's a wonderful way to meet your neighbors!

  • Preston Community Garden – 950 Missouri Avenue #2199, East St. Louis, IL 62201
    Are you looking for a community garden near East St. Louis homes for sale? You're in luck with Preston Community Garden! A nonprofit, it helps locals to strengthen community ties through cultivation. Fresh produce and fun physical activity in the fresh air are always part of the program. Plus, kids of all ages can discover the joys of local ecology and develop healthier eating habits. It's open every day until 6 o'clock!

  • Aya Grows – 730 North 22nd Street, East St. Louis, IL 62205
    Aya Grows describes itself as a nonprofit initiative dedicated to "community-based place making." Working together, participants in the Aya Grows green space can enjoy ecological enrichment and create new opportunities for community solidarity and personal empowerment. Its flagship space, "Garden of Harmony," includes agriculture and flowers chosen with local pollinators in mind.

  • The O'Fallon Garden Club 308 E. 5th St., O'Fallon IL 62269
    If you are passionate about gardening and live near O'Fallon homes for sale, there are a number of ways you can get involved with the O'Fallon Garden ClubSome of their ongoing projects include a butterfly garden, community garden, and garden plots. Founded in 2010, the club is a part of the National Garden Club.

What to Plant in Your Community Garden Plot Near Belleville

In a community garden, you are usually allowed to plant and cultivate whatever you'd like. It is your responsibility to tend to your plants regularly and keep them free of pests and disease, but neighbors will often work together.

You generally get to use your harvest however you wish or share it as you like. Some community gardens have social events where members can bring in samples of their produce.

What can you grow in a community garden near Belleville? The options are endless.

Some of the most popular flowers include daylilies, poppies, hostas, peonies, yarrow, allium, leadwort, catmint, and hardy geranium. Many people like to grow herbs in their community garden plots, such as basil, cilantro, and dill. Plots can be large enough to grow fruits and vegetables, too.

If you are fortunate enough to have a larger community garden plot, you'll find that vegetables like tomato, radishes, onions, garlic, and even broccoli are popular selections. Mushrooms may also be grown, along with several varieties of berries that don't require much space.

Contact us to discover more about the Belleville area.

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