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Belleville Pets

Some of our real estate agents love taking their dogs with them wherever they go. After all, dogs are part of the family too! Whether we're heading to grab a bite to eat or are looking to give our pets a bit of extra luxury and pampering, we created this guide to the best dog-friendly places near Belleville to help our fellow pup parents.

  • Shiloh Dog Park - 3756 Lebanon Ave, Belleville, IL 62221
    Trips to the local dog park are an excellent way to get your furry friend some exercise while also giving them the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. Trips to the dog park also give you the opportunity to meet your neighbors and make new friends. The park is a great local amenity that features separate pens for small and large dogs. It's very clean and has lots of space. The Shiloh Dog Park is conveniently located near these beautiful Belleville homes for sale.

  • Dog Day Afternoon - 2527 Frank Scott Pkwy W, Belleville, IL 62223
    Belleville's premier pet store, Dog Day Afternoon, is your go-to stop for pet food, toys, bowls, leashes, and everything your pup needs. They also offer a variety of services including dog grooming, nutritional counseling, adoption services, baked dog treats, and more. The store also hosts a multitude of pet-friendly events. Don't feel like heading out just yet? You can do all your shopping on the Dog Day Afternoon website and pick it up at the store.

  • Eckert's Country Restaurant - 951 S Green Mt Rd, Belleville, IL 62220
    This farm-house style family-friendly restaurant is a great place to take your dog on the weekend. Eckert's Country Restaurant serves some of the best chicken around. After grabbing a bite, take your pup on a stroll around the nursery and farm. Then, finish up your trip with a stop by the ice cream store (you can even get a puppy scoop). The farm and restaurant also host weekend activities, including murder mystery parties, an orchard loop tour, and even a petting zoo. With several acres of prime country land, your dog will have a blast!

  • The White Cottage - 102 Lebanon Ave, Belleville, IL 62220
    If there is one thing both humans and dogs can enjoy together, it's ice cream. The White Cottage is one of Belleville's best ice cream shops. Known for their Banana split and Hot Fudge Waffle Sundae, you can indulge in a tasty treat and also get a small scoop for your dog. They have a nice outdoor patio area that's great in the summertime. If you're hungry, they can also cook up a good burger or sandwich. 

Taking your dog around town is easy when you live in a pet-friendly community like Belleville. For more information on our wonderful community, contact us today.

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