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Home Coffee Station

One popular feature in today's kitchens is a coffee station. While some people design their kitchen remodels with dedicated space for a coffee station, you can get the same effect in your kitchen today while making minimal changes. Here are a few ways our real estate agents recommend incorporating a coffee station in your kitchen.

  1. Make Use of What's in Your Kitchen
    Does your kitchen have a butler's pantry or built-in desk that you never knew what to do with? These are a frequent feature in remodeled kitchens, but deciding what to do with them can be tough. Give that space a purpose by turning it into a coffee station, or even a day-to-night drink station with everything from morning coffee to evening nightcaps.

  2. Carve Out a Cabinet
    If you don't already have a dedicated area like a butler's pantry where you can make a coffee station, find a slim cabinet in your kitchen that you can clear out and devote entirely to coffee, tea, and other beverages such as hot chocolate for the kids. Place the coffee maker on the counter nearby to keep everything together. This is a great thing to do during a cabinet clean-out when you're getting rid of unnecessary kitchen gadgets, as you can convert the found space immediately into a coffee station.

  3. Make a Coffee Cart
    If storage in your kitchen is at a premium, you can easily add a coffee station by using a converted bar cart, microwave cart, or even a stylish shelf unit. Attractive shelving or cabinetry underneath gives you a place to store everything you need for your morning cup, without taking up valuable counter and cabinet space elsewhere in your kitchen.

  4. Keep it Well-Stocked
    Regardless of where your coffee station is, it should have everything you or a guest needs to make your favorite drink. Make a list of everything you need to keep in your coffee station: coffee, tea, sweeteners and syrups, mugs, stirrers, and of course your coffee machine and electric kettle.

  5. Store with Style
    Once you settle on where and what will be stored there, it's time to plan out your storage in a way that's both efficient and pleasing to look at. Attractive coffee, tea, and sugar tins enable you to keep everything you need on hand, and mug hooks or racks provide a way to keep mugs on hand and organized. Baskets are a great way to store everything from pods to sugar packets, and an attractive jar or two can corral spoons or stir sticks so that everything you need is within reach.

  6. Make it Personal
    Don't forget, while you're designing your dream coffee station, to add a little personal flair. Canisters, tins, and baskets can make it look attractive and welcoming, plus you can add a wall placard, magnets, signs, or stickers with fun slogans or designs. If you're staging your home to sell it, you won't want to make it too personal, but a little flair goes a long way in Belleville homes for sale.

Even if all you do is rearrange or bring in a new cart, a coffee station is a great way to stage your kitchen for potential buyers. If your current kitchen just isn't cutting it and you're in the market for a new house, contact us today.

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