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Home Improvement ShowsHome improvement shows are perfect for lazy weekend binge-watching. An easy home renovation that's completed over the weekend and delivers dreamy results (complete with décor accessories) – who wouldn't want that? The popularity of home renovation shows has dramatically skyrocketed and perhaps changed the way viewers think about buying and renovating a home. However, things that happen on these shows are out of line with reality and can be misleading if you're looking to remodel or buy Belleville homes for sale. As you enjoy these shows, take everything with a healthy dose of cynicism. Here are some important things the shows get wrong.

  1. Their Renovation Costs Aren't Realistic
    Sorry to break it to you, but the project budgets you see on TV aren't even close to the real thing. They'll show a homeowner with a long list of must-haves and a very tight budget. And somehow, the renovators are able to deliver the expected results and even add some design elements for free. That's just made for TV. These shows receive heavy discounts for labor and materials in exchange for free publicity. They're also notorious for cutting corners and using cheap materials to drive down costs. If you're going to renovate any room in your home, be prepared to pay a higher price than what you see on TV.

  2. Their Timelines Are Unreal
    Home improvement shows make it look like you can have a new bathroom in 24 hours, but that's just good editing. Some shows will even have a professional crew working round the clock to get the job done. On average, a home remodeling project takes 4 to 8 months. From meeting with contractors and getting permits to selecting materials and finishes, there's significant planning that goes into a successful renovation. Not forgetting the time it takes to shore up plumbing, install electricity, let the paint dry, and inspect the home. Home improvement projects take careful and attentive coordination.

  3. Walls Are Just Knocked Down
    The hasty renovation process you see on home improvement shows would be a total disaster in real life. You'll see hosts swoop in, capture the homeowner's vision and kick start the demolition. Winging it without knowing what's behind those walls is a great way to run into frustrating complications and ruin your budget and schedule. Without careful inspection and planning, the contractors could end up knocking loose things like asbestos insulation and lead paint, creating a major health hazard. As we've already mentioned, solid planning and preparation are your best bet when it comes to home renovations.

  4. Time for a Vacation?
    Surprise reveals are very common in home renovation shows. A couple or family takes a vacation for a few days and returns to a barely recognizable space. This is just a big lie and rarely happens in reality. Home improvement projects should be orchestrated to minimize disruptions and allow homeowners to keep their daily schedule as normal as possible. You may need to share your space with workers and live for weeks without a functioning bathroom or kitchen, but you don't have to go on vacation while your home is renovated. In fact, it's best to stay so you can communicate with the contractor and keep an eye on the project.

It's possible to bring your home improvement fantasy to life, but you need to keep your dreams grounded in reality. If you're thinking of taking on a home renovation project, you can count on our real estate agents to help you renovate and sell smart. Contact us for more information.

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