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DIY projects

If you're planning to add your home to the list of Belleville homes for sale, a few improvements might be needed to encourage buyers to make an attractive offer. And maybe you don't have the money for a major renovation. But don't worry, with a few dollars and a DIY attitude you can take your productivity to the max and knock out a few simple projects that will have a big impact on buyers. Our real estate agents have put together this list of 7 low-cost, high-value DIY improvement projects to get your home in excellent shape before that for sale sign goes up.

  1. Freshen Up the Walls
    If your walls have stains, scratches, dirty paint, fading wallpaper, or an outdated color, painting is one of the simplest ways to make a dramatic difference and liven up a room. A fresh coat of paint can provide a clean and updated look, but you need to choose a color that can make a big impact. 

  2. Replace Your Fixtures
    Doorknobs, outlet covers, switch plates, light fixtures, curtain rods, and faucets are often boring and overlooked. Updating these fixtures can add an instant sparkle to your home for just a few dollars. Again, be sure to choose items in finishes that will make your home look move-in ready and appeal to a broad audience. With your fixtures up to date, buyers will have one less thing to worry about once they buy the home.

  3. Give Your Kitchen a Facelift
    Painting over tired cabinets and drawer fronts can be the perfect revival to your kitchen. While this is something even novice DIYers can handle, a good paint job takes time and patience. Also, consider updating cabinet knobs, and drawer handles to give your kitchen a modern look. An updated backsplash is another easy improvement that's sure to add style to the kitchen.

  4. Upgrade Your Bathroom
    An outdated bathroom can make or break a home buying experience. Sprucing up your walls, tiling, fixtures, mirrors, and vanity are all effective ways to elevate a basic bathroom, give it a refreshed look, and make it a nice draw for buyers. You can also increase the aesthetics and value of your home by installing new flooring, adding lighting to your bathroom, and increasing storage space.

  5. Upgrade Landscaping
    Use greenery in front of your house to make the area more appealing. Buyers will appreciate plants and bushes that are low maintenance. Patch any bald spots in the yard and trim any trees and bushes. Don't forget to paint old fences, buy new house numbers, and power wash the driveway and walkways to complete your yard's new look.

  6. Add More Storage
    It seems that no matter the home size, storage is always a challenge. Making a home addition may not be realistic, but smaller DIY improvements, like adding a new storage unit in the garage, a pantry in the kitchen, or cabinets in the laundry room, can add valuable storage space that will make your home more attractive to buyers.

  7. Install Smart Home Features
    Home automation is the ultimate union of technology, security, and convenience. Many buyers will appreciate having the ability to control features around the house with a simple voice command or push of a button, even from remote locations. You can start with a smart doorbell, lock, lighting, smoke detector, or thermostat.

Our real estate agents can do a walkthrough of your home, point out areas that need some TLC, and direct your time and dollars toward the most important projects. Contact us to get started.

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