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Home Addition

If your home no longer fits your needs, you might be thinking of building an addition. A new wing, great room, or even bedroom can make your current house feel more like your home. You may also consider an addition if you find an awesome home for sale that's simply lacking in a few ways. We've seen plenty of Belleville homes for sale with additions that blend in well with the original architecture. Here are some key things to know if you're thinking about having an addition built.

  1. Above-Garage Additions Are An Option
    When considering a home addition, people often assume that the addition will be added square footage on the first floor. But if your yard is already small or there's no convenient place to build onto your home, there is an alternative. Building a room above the garage works well in many cases.

    This room can be an extra bedroom, a living room, a storage area, or even an office. Since you don't need to dig or pour a foundation, above-garage additions tend to be quite affordable.

  2. You'll Need a Designer and a Builder
    There are two key people you need to hire for a home addition project. The first is an architectural designer who will draw up plans for the project. The second is a builder to actually build the addition according to the drawings. The builder may subcontract out some of the work, such as roofing or plumbing, but they'll be the head of the project.

    There are design-build companies you can hire to handle the project from start to finish. However, many of these companies only build new homes. 

  3. Extra Bedrooms Are a Relatively Affordable Type of Addition
    Building a bathroom or kitchen will cost more because the room requires plumbing. Bedrooms, on the other hand, tend to be more affordable to add. It's rather simple for builders to bump out a wall and add a bedroom onto the home.

    You'll still need building permits, and you'll need to ensure your HVAC system can support the extra square footage. 

  4. Adding a Sunroom Often Works Well
    Do you feel like your family just needs additional "living space" inside of your home? Adding on a sunroom or three-season room can be an affordable option.

    In some jurisdictions, building requirements for sunrooms are more lenient, so you may not need to spend as much on elements like the foundation and roofing. Plus, these rooms are really versatile. You can use the sunroom for relaxing in the summer and for storing off-season sporting goods in the winter.

  5. Sometimes an Addition is Not the Most Affordable Choice
    Before you commit to building an addition, get an estimate or two from building companies. Also, talk to a real estate agent and visit some homes for sale that suit your family's needs. Pay attention to the prices of those homes.

    With estimates in hand, you can compare the cost of building an addition to the cost of moving to a more suitable home. Sometimes building an addition is the more affordable option, and other times, you may be better off moving.

Home additions can open up a space and make your home a more enjoyable place to be. However, we encourage you to also consider moving to a home that's already built to suit your needs. Contact us if you're looking for a real estate agent to guide you. Our real estate agents are local experts and can guide you through the buying process. 

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