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Spring Cleaning

Spring will be here before you know it! If you're like most people, once the seasons change, you'll focus on cleaning your home and getting it ready for the warmer months ahead. It's not too early to start planning your spring cleaning routine, especially if you're planning on listing your home in the near future. Our real estate agents have some tips to help you with your spring cleaning endeavors. 

  • Shop For Supplies
    Late winter is the perfect time to sort through your cleaning supplies, get rid of any you won't use, and start shopping for new supplies. By planning ahead, you can take your time to research various cleaning products and select ones that are most in line with your needs and preferences. You can then organize your supplies and ensure they're ready to go when you start spring cleaning.

  • Survey Your Home Interior
    You probably have some spring cleaning tasks you tackle every spring, such as cleaning your windows, vacuuming behind the furniture, and washing curtains. But there may be some other tasks that need to be handled this year.

    Go through your home, room by room, and note any cleaning that needs to be done. Is your weatherstripping moldy? Add that to the list. Are your carpets stained? Add carpet shampooing to your list. Making such a list will ensure a more thorough cleaning come springtime. 

  • Survey Your Home Exterior
    People often think of spring cleaning as an indoor activity, but the exterior of your home could probably use some tidying up, too. Winter can be harsh on landscaping, roofs, and gutters. Take a walk around your home's exterior and your yard, and list dirty and damaged materials you'd like to address this coming spring.

  • Make Appointments
    You can probably do most of your spring cleaning on your own. However, there may be some professionals you want to hire. You may, for example, want to have window cleaners come to clean the outsides of your windows. You may want a carpet cleaning company to steam clean your carpets or an HVAC company to come to clean your heating and air conditioning equipment.

    Make appointments with these professionals in advance, and you'll enjoy more flexibility in scheduling. This also gives you a chance to plan ahead for any costs.

  • Start Decluttering
    Spring cleaning will be a lot easier if you're not cleaning and organizing items you don't need. So, as winter draws to an end, make a point of sorting through your items and getting rid of excess clutter. Donate extra items to charity, or sell them for a little extra cash. Declutter a little at a time, and it won't feel so overwhelming. 

  • Assign Cleaning Tasks
    Before spring comes, you can make a list of cleaning tasks and assign each task to a different household member.

    Reserve easier tasks, like cleaning indoor windows, for the kids. This way, when spring does come, everyone will know how they're expected to contribute.

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your living space, restore its functionality, and make it feel like home again. Of course, if you're still looking for Belleville homes for sale, we'd be happy to help. Contact us to learn about our real estate services.

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