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Interior Design

Did you know that National Stress Awareness Day is on November 3rd? This important day always falls on the first Wednesday in November, as Wednesday is typically the most difficult and stressful day for Monday-through-Friday workers. The day was made an event by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) to recognize how much stress people carry and the harm it does both physically and psychologically, as well as to promote methods of managing stress.

There are many techniques that can help you deal with stress more effectively, but did you know that your surroundings can play a big part in how stressed you feel? Here are a few interior design tricks our real estate agents recommend for minimizing stress in your home.

  • Declutter
    Decluttering is important for more than just cleaning your home or staging it to sell. There's a good reason why Belleville homes for sale do better when they're tidy and decluttered. Whether you realize it or not, a lot of clutter tends to stress you out and create a jumbled frame of mind. A tidy home without a lot of clutter, on the other hand, supports a more serene and relaxed state of mind.

  • Let in Natural Light
    Sunlight does a lot for our mental state. It's uplifting for our mental health and keeps our internal clocks on track. Plan your interior decor to let in as much natural light as possible. Even if you use insulated curtains to save energy, open them to let in daylight as much as possible. For instance, you can open the curtains in the mornings and evenings in the summer and keep them closed during the day when the sun comes in and heats things up.

  • Choose the Right Colors
    Color can be a vital part of your decor, but which direction you take it will depend on the source of your stress. A few bright splashes of color can add cheeriness to your surroundings. Soothing colors like neutrals or soft blues can help create a place where you can relax.

  • Invite Nature Inside
    House plants can also help to create a relaxing environment. Whether it's being responsible for another living thing's survival, or the perception of having a little of Mother Nature in your daily surroundings, studies have found that house plants can lift your mood and help you to destress.

  • Don't Forget a¬†Good Night's Rest
    Your stress levels and how you manage them have a lot to do with how well you sleep. If you don't get enough sleep, or you don't sleep well, you may be setting yourself up to be more stressed than you would be otherwise. The bed often gets overlooked when decorating your home, as most people focus on the common areas of the house and those used for entertaining, but it's important to choose a comfortable bed and soothing decor in the room where you get the most rest.

The perfect home may not be able to completely resolve your stress, but by following these tips, you can create an environment where you can rest, reset, and recharge. To start your search for the perfect refuge from life's stressors, contact us today.

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