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Cozy Fall Home

Fall is the ideal time to make a few cozy upgrades to your home. A cozy, inviting home makes the transition from long summer days to shorter, chillier fall days (and eventually frigid winter days) less daunting. 

When it's time to add your property to the inventory of Belleville homes for sale, potential buyers will appreciate these homey, inviting upgrades. Here are a few projects to add to your to-do list. 

  1. Seal Drafty Spots
    A drafty room increases your energy bill and makes it more difficult to produce a warm, inviting space. Use a candle to identify areas where air is entering your home (the draft will blow the flame). Use caulk to fill small holes; spray foam is a great alternative for fixing larger holes. If the weatherstripping around your windows or doors looks damaged or you can feel drafts, replace it. 
  1. Clean Your Light Fixtures (and Replace Burned-Out Bulbs)
    A room filled with light instantly looks more inviting. Clean your light fixtures to ensure that they can properly illuminate the room. You can use a soft cloth to wipe down dusty fixtures. Or, if the fixtures have a lot of grime on them, disassemble them and use warm, soapy water to clean them. Dry them with a damp cloth and polish if necessary. Replace any burned-out or harsh, fluorescent light bulbs. Swap them for a softer light bulb in a suitable wattage. 
  1. Add Indoor Plants
    Plants add life to a room, making it more inviting to homebuyers. Our real estate agents often recommend adding potted plants to various spaces in your home to make them universally appealing. Not only do plants improve your home's ambiance, but they boost the air quality and increase humidity levels. If you're constantly combating dry air during the cooler months, plants can help. 
  1. Wash Your Windows
    Natural light is a fantastic addition to any room in your home. However, when your windows are dirty, this literally dulls the amount of light that enters your home. Spend an evening washing all the windows in your home. If your blinds are dusty, wipe them with a wet wipe and a small amount of degreasing cleaner to ensure they don't transfer dirt to your newly cleaned windows. 
  1. Replace Your Bath Towels and Bedding
    Make sure that your quest for a cozier home extends to every room in your home. Fresh linens are an easy way to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Invest in new linens that will turn your bedroom into a cozy haven. Flannel sheets feel fantastic against your skin and keep you warm without creating a stuffy sleeping environment. A lush down comforter is an excellent addition that adds insulation and sleep-inducing heft to your bed. 
  1. Add Functional Storage
    You need to make sure you have a convenient, functional space to stow all your cozy essentials. Consider a cube storage unit with stylish bins, or invest in a lift-top ottoman or coffee table. When you're not using your throw blankets, candles, or books, you can store them out of sight, making it easy to keep your home free of clutter. 

Looking for a new space that you can decorate with all your cozy essentials? Our team can help. Contact us today!

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