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Belleville Security

When you have a home that you love, it's important to have security features to keep you and your family safe. 

Our real estate agents know that a few simple changes make a significant difference in the security of your property; these upgrades also make your home appealing to potential buyers. Here are some security upgrades to consider adding to your home. 

  1. Add Lighting to Your Home's Exterior
    A dark property is attractive to potential thieves. They have a chance to scout a home for valuables, check storage sheds for expensive items, and break into vehicles, all while they are conveniently concealed by the darkness. Install motion-sensor lights around your home and, if possible, along the perimeter of your property. These lights are a great option for deterring thieves or even stopping a theft that's in progress. If you aren't keen on motion lights, regular exterior lights are another alternative. You can also put your lights on a timer by using smart light bulbs. Even if you have a late evening, it's possible to remotely turn on your lights, so your home is properly illuminated. 
  1. Install a Video Doorbell
    Video doorbells are an excellent upgrade for any home. Not only can you see who's on the other side of your door without having to open it, but you can record any activities that take place on your front porch or lawn. If porch pirates steal your packages or if someone tries to break into your car, you'll have them on video. 
  1. Swap Your Doors Locks for Biometric Locks
    Biometric locks require an acceptable fingerprint or password for entry to your home. They're often more secure than keyed locks, making it difficult for thieves to pick your lock. Some models even sound an alarm when someone with the wrong credentials tries to unlock the door. Since you don't need a key for a biometric lock, you won't have to worry about hiding a key on your property in case you get locked out. Thieves may find hidden keys and use them to enter your home. 
  1. Keep Your Shrubbery and Trees Maintained
    Overgrown vegetation provides easy hiding spots for thieves. Make it more difficult for a thief to remain undetected by regularly trimming your bushes, trees, and shrubbery. Neat landscaping also improves the appearance of your home's exterior before you add it to the inventory of Belleville homes for sale
  1. Buy a Few Fake Signs and Decals
    Thieves are more likely to avoid homes that they view as a hassle. It only costs a few dollars to purchase a decoy sticker that states your home is monitored by a security company. You can also buy an inexpensive "Beware of Dog" sign (even if your home only has two-legged family members). A potentially aggressive dog and a loud security system are both deterrents for criminal activities. 

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